Polymorph Pet Collar Crystals

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Add a healing crystal to your favorite pet's collar! Let the healing energy of each crystal give your cat or dog an added boost!

Green Aventurine: This heart chakra stone dissolves negative emotions, settles nausea, neutralizes electromagnetic pollution. A lovely, all-around healing gem for your fur baby!

Tiger's Eye: Excellent stone for training, promotes mental clarity, stabalizes mood swings, strengthens willpower and courage.

Amethyst: A blood cleanser & cancer fighter, heals skin, helps digestion, dispels rage and anxiety. Amethyst is a powerful protector for your cat or dog! 

Black Obsidian: Repels negativity, brings clarity, dissolves ancient traumas, clears confusion. This is a MUST for all creatures, human AND fur baby!

Rose Quartz: The gemstone of universal love, harmonty & comfort. Aids chest, lung and kidney problems. Helps heal leukemia in animals. 

Available in Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Black Obsidian and Amethyst